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Indonesian Styled Mutton Soup

Mutton is not a daily menu here in Indonesia. It’s more of a treat. Something you get when you eat out or you cook once a year. Why once a year? Because Ied Adha, Islamic celebration where people with more blessed wallet buy sheep or cow and share it with neighbors and the less fortunate. …


Beef Rendang (Indonesian Beef Stew)

Rendang… Oh, rendang… This dish comes from West Sumatra region, from creative mind of Minang tribe people. It said, long ago, that rendang was dish served only for king and queens.. Then it became popular trough out Indonesia as Minang people transmigrate to other region. Nowadays, you can get rendang in every “Padang restaurant”. This …


Spicy Peanut and Achovy

Spicy peanut and anchovies is the menu you can try if you want something practical. Why? Because it can be kept for up to three days without have to be refrigerated. It can be your next camping menu, perhaps. When I was in university, I lived in different city as my parents. With only a …