I always think about food. It’s gotten even worse since I’m pregnant. Usually, I am not a big fan of sweet stuff. But now, I often found myself craved for it. This rice flour pudding with palm sugar syrup is one of my craving.

I saw someone sell it in the road. I was with my husband in our motorcycle, and I saw it for like two seconds. We didn’t stop to buy it then, I didn’t want it at first. And at home, I found myself regretting not buying it. Next day I passed the same road, the seller was not there. So I decided just to make it myself.

I search for the recipe and it turned out super easy and I had all the ingredients. Yay!

This pudding, locally known as bubur sumsum become more popular every Ramadhan, the fasting month in Islam. People in Java loves to eat this for breaking fast (I mean the first thing we eat after a full day of fasting). It is light, smooth and sweet, perfect for increasing our blood sugar level after fasting without making us full. During Ramadhan, you can find so many people selling this in the street. Other time of the year, not so much.

The pudding itself made from rice flour cooked with coconut milk, a pinch of sugar and pandan leaf or vanilla extract for aromatic. The pudding doesn’t have much taste to it, just a tiny bit savory. The taste comes from the palm sugar syrup, sweet, dark and thick. Combine the two, just perfect!

Usually, this rice flour pudding is served warm. But, I like them chilled too.

Since the pudding only made from rice flour, coconut milk, palm sugar, and little bit of salt, it is safe for people with gluten-free diet and/or dairy-free diet. Truly simple and hearty dessert you must try.

To make this pudding, first what I did was to dilute my coconut milk. Now, the original recipe wants me to make this with 650 ml of freshly squeezed coconut milk, but I didn’t have it at the time. I had pasteurized packaged coconut milk, that’s super thick. So I used 250 ml packaged coconut milk + 400 ml water instead. No problem at all.

For the pudding to be soft and smooth, I divided my coconut milk into two, didn’t have to be precise. One part I brought to boil, and one part I mixed with 100 gr of rice flour. I made sure there were no lumps of rice flour. When the coconut milk in the pot was boiling, I add a pinch of salt and vanilla extract. And then, I poured the mixture of coconut milk and the rice flour into the boiling coconut milk (see pictures below).

I brought the heat down to prevent burning in the bottom of the pot and I stirred it continuously. I didn’t take long, my mixture started to thicken. I let it cooked through until the mixture could be scooped with spoon and held it shape. My rice flour pudding was done.

For the palm sugar syrup, just boil together palm sugar, a bit of castor sugar, and water (plus pandan leaf for the aroma if you have it) until all the sugar dissolved.

To serve this simple yet satisfying rice flour pudding, simply put the pudding and drizzle it with generous amount of palm sugar syrup.

Rice Flour Pudding (Bubur Sumsum)

Category: snacks, vegetarian

Servings:  4-5

Rice Flour Pudding (Bubur Sumsum)


  • 100 gr rice flour
  • 650 ml coconut milk (200 ml packaged coconut milk +450 ml water)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt
  • 100 gr palm sugar
  • 100 ml water
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 pandan leaf (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
  • a pinch of powdered cinnamon


  1. Divide the coconut milk into two. One part in a bowl and one part in a pot.
  2. Mix the coconut milk in the bowl with rice flour.
  3. Bring to boil the coconut milk in the pot along, seasoned it with pinch of salt and vanilla extract.
  4. When it boiling, add the coconut milk and rice flour mixture into the pot.
  5. Bring the heat down and stir continuously until the pudding thickened.
  6. Remove from heat.
  7. For the palm sugar syrup, mix together palm sugar, water, sugar, pandan leaf, and cinnamon and bring them to boil. It is ready when all the sugar is dissolved.
  8. To serve, add the rice flour pudding to a serving bowl and pour the palm sugar syrup generously.