Klepon is traditional cake of Indonesia. In Java, this snack is called klepon, in other parts of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, the alternative name for this is onde-onde. This confuses me, because in Java, where I live, onde-onde is the name for another snack (fried balls filled with mungbean paste coated with sesame seed).

Klepon is sweet balls are made from glutinous rice flour filled with melted palm sugar and coated with coconut flakes. Klepon is dairy-free and gluten-free.

This snack is yummy. Personally, I am not a big fan of something sweet. But klepon doesn’t feel too sweet for me, first because this rice balls use palm sugar that have lower sweet level compared to granulated sugar. Second, the “skin” is bland and the coconut flakes outside is a little bit salty. Overall, it has balance taste that I love.

Klepon must be bite size. The filling inside is melted palm sugar and will burst when you start chewing it. Delicious! If klepon is too big and I have to bite half of it, it’ll be messy. The filling will drip all over.

Traditionally, klepon is green in color. The color is from special leaf called suji leaf. But nowadays it’s not so easy to get suji leaf, so I used food coloring instead. Since I used food coloring, I made it in three colors, green, pink and purple just to make it cuter.

Ingredients for klepon: glutinous rice flour, coconut flakes, lukewarm water, salt, palm sugar, food coloring

First, I made the dough for the ‘skin’. I measured the glutinous rice flour and mix it with lukewarm water. I added the water little by little to avoid the dough to become too wet. What we want is firm dough but able to hold it shape. I divided the dough into three lumps and gave them different color. You can do only one color or five, totally up you. This how my dough looked like:

Next step was to fill the balls. But before that, using a knife, I cut the palm sugar. I chopped it and minced it to get tiny chunks. I took small portion of glutinous rice dough, flatten it in my hand and put some palm sugar, and made it into balls. This step took the longest time. It’s a good idea to put some music so you wouldn’t feel bored.

After those cute little balls were ready, I boiled some water and plunged those balls into boiling water. Do not boiled them too long, otherwise they’ll become soggy. Remove them from the water when they’re already floating. Wait a moment until they come back in original size (they became bigger when boiled) and roll them in coconut flakes.

Super simple.

Klepon can’t be kept long in room temperature since it has quite high water content. So, you might want to try single recipe first. In the picture above, I doubled the recipe because I wanted to send them to my husband’s office. A single recipe is enough for one time snacking for my family (three adults).

Klepon (Boiled Rice Cake Balls)

Klepon (Boiled Rice Cake Balls)


  • 150 gr glutinous rice flour
  • 90 ml lukewarm water
  • 50 gr palm sugar
  • 1 drop of each green, red, purple food coloring (or as desired)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 50 gr coconut flakes (if use raw shredded coconut, steam it first)
  • Water for boiling


  1. Mix the glutinous rice flour and lukewarm water little by little until the dough can hold it shape.
  2. Add food coloring and work the dough until the color is blended well
  3. Take a little bit of the dough, flatten it in your palm. Put around 1/2 tsp of palm sugar on the dough, close it and form a ball. Repeat until you use all the dough.
  4. Put the balls into boiling water until they are floating. Remove the balls from the water and drain.
  5. Roll the drained balls on coconut flakes to cover.
  6. Klepon is ready to be served.