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tofu & tempeh vegetables vegetarian


Gado-gado might be the healthiest street food there is. Consisted of various vegetables, rice cake, tofu and tempeh, and topped with thick salty and spicy peanut sauce. Luckily, I live nearby two gado-gado sellers with superb gado-gado and affordable price. One very satisfying portion of gado-gado cost me 12.000 IDR or almost 1 Euro or …

tofu & tempeh vegetarian

Super Easy Fried Tofu and Tempeh

Indonesian loves tofu and tempeh. Tofu in Bahasa is “tahu”, and tempeh is tempe without the ‘h’. Tempeh is originated from Indonesia, so I don’t know why ‘tempe’ become ‘tempeh’ in English.. Both are made from soybean. Interestingly, tofu and tempeh were considered as poor people’s food. Because, it’s cheap source of protein. But, as …