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Spicy Spaghetti with Tuna

Who doesn’t love pasta? We Indonesian love it too! There are quite a lot of pasta types and sauces that are available at our local supermarket. But the sauces variety is limited. I only know three types: bolognese, hot tuna, and barbecue. Hot tuna and barbecue taste weird, and bolognese one needs more onion and …

rice & noodles

Easy Aromatic Rice (Sundanese Liwet)

Have you ever feel lazy to cook? I have, multiple times! Sometimes, when laziness strikes and I still want something home-made, I make this recipe. It’s rice, with herbs and spices, vegetables, and anchovy dumped into rice cooker. One push of a button and that’s it! The original title of this recipe is “Nasi Liwet”. …