Welcome to Indonesian Kitchen Diary!

Let me introduce myself… My name is Evi Song. I am currently living in Bogor, Indonesia with my husband, Nasuha Alhuda, and also with my brother and my cat. I have a sister who lives in next town and busy with her English study. My mother lives in other city, but we visit each other a lot.

My husband and I in Bukit Gundaling, North Sumatera

My hobby is cooking, reading, trying new food, and travelling. Indonesia is a vast country with a lot to offer. So when I have the opportunity, I travel. When travelling, I try to taste local food as much as possible. I usually love them!

My mother always let me played in the kitchen since I was just a little kid. That’s what hooked me with cooking in the first place. In my university years, I lived away from my parent for the first time. That’s when I cook in daily basis. I never have formal training in cooking. So my cooking is limited in simple and easy recipe (as well as thrifty, I was poor university student).

The thing is, I love food. I love how ingredients come together to make many different taste. And Indonesian food is the best! Sometimes it’s complicated, other time it’s super easy, yet it always forgiving. With a huge variety of herbs and spices, it’s hard to make a recipe out of balance and inedible. For example, beef rendang. There are many different recipes on rendang. But when I eat rendang, no matter who made it, whichever the recipe, it always taste delicious.


The natural diversity in Indonesia present us with various herbs and spices to experiment with. I want to share the treasure that is Indonesian food with the world. I hope through Indonesian Kitchen Diary I can achieve that.

The recipe I put in this blog is already tried by me. I never put a recipe when I think the result is less than delicious. All photograph I took myself except when I put source name under the picture.

So that’s about it. I love Indonesian food. I wish to share it with you..

Feel free to comment on my blog post.  I reserve the right to remove promotional links, abusive and/or hurtful comments.

I wish to ask forgiveness in advance if you found wrong grammar or wrong use of word on my blog post. Having born in Indonesia with Indonesian mother and Korean father, English in not my native language. I try my best not to making mistake, but I am just mere human.

I hope you find Indonesian Kitchen Diary as a useful source of online recipe.