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snacks vegetarian

Fried Plantain (Pisang Goreng)

Banana and plantain are both called “pisang” in Bahasa. Do you know the difference of both? Plantain cannot be eaten raw like banana. Honestly, I still confused by them. Maybe partly because we only have one language to address them both. There are several types of banana and plantain in Indonesia, and every time I’m …

snacks vegetarian

Indonesian Fruit Salad (Rujak)

Rujak is a term for salad dish in Bahasa Indonesia. The most popular rujak is probably fruit salad or rujak buah. Rujak itself have several variants, with the fruits sliced, shredded, or roughly mashed. In this recipe, I made the easiest one, sliced fruit rujak. So what’s so special about this Indonesian fruit salad? The dressing. …


Simple Rendang Meatballs

My friend who lives in Switzerland told me her difficulty to find ingredients that usually used in Indonesian cooking. But there are Indonesian instant seasonings that can be found easily in Asian shops or online. So, I thought maybe I post a recipe using instant seasoning. I can’t say that instant seasoning produce the same …