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Kecap Manis Beef Stew

Kecap manis is widely used in Indonesian kitchen. I have to have some kecap manis in my kitchen otherwise my husband and brother will protest. Even if I am not cooking, it will be alright if there’s some kecap manis. They can eat omelette drizzled with kecap manis and be happy. This recipe use kecap manis as it’s …


Beef Rendang (Indonesian Beef Stew)

Rendang… Oh, rendang… This dish comes from West Sumatra region, from creative mind of Minang tribe people. It said, long ago, that rendang was dish served only for king and queens.. Then it became popular trough out Indonesia as Minang people transmigrate to other region. Nowadays, you can get rendang in every “Padang restaurant”. This …

tofu & tempeh vegetarian

Super Easy Fried Tofu and Tempeh

Indonesian loves tofu and tempeh. Tofu in Bahasa is “tahu”, and tempeh is tempe without the ‘h’. Tempeh is originated from Indonesia, so I don’t know why ‘tempe’ become ‘tempeh’ in English.. Both are made from soybean. Interestingly, tofu and tempeh were considered as poor people’s food. Because, it’s cheap source of protein. But, as …